Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Poker on Macs

We all know how easy it is to find a site that will allow us to play poker: but it's not all that easy to find a site that tells us *about* those sites that let us play poker. Further, that actually rate them, tell us what they're like. Finally, it's much more difficult to find out about sites that allow you to play on a Mac.

So a big wave and halloo to Mac Poker, which does all of those things. For example, here's their review of Poker Stars, here's their one on FullTilt Poker.

It's an extremely useful and handy guide to the games you can play on each site, what the layouts, the traffic, the general ambience are like. They've also get an extremely good guide to online casino bonuses, something which is very definitely worth checking out.

If you want to play poker and you're a Mac user this truly is one site you'll want to look at.

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Muhammad Amir said...

Further, that online results actually rate them, tell us what they're like.