Saturday, December 16, 2006

AMD Processors

So it looks like AMD has some more processors in hte pipeline, quad and dual core ones:


AMD yesterday spilled the beans on its processor plans for the next two years, at a stroke confirming much of the info that has leaked out of the company and onto the web this year. On the desktop, the future is HyperTransport 3 and DDR 3. Chipsets will not shift to DirectX 10 until late 2007.

The key transition point, however, will come mid-2007. AMD has already said that's when its quad-core desktop CPUs will debut alongside new dual-care chips that, like the quadies, used HyperTransport 3 and incorporate Level 3 cache shared between the cores - 2MB of it, according to past leaks.

My question about these things is always why? Unloess Microsoft comes out with another piece of bloatware, who's going to need the extra performance?


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